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Time Displacement and Protests
This suggestion addresses a subject which is dear to all our hearts....protests!  I know that the public discussion  of incidents is a forbidden one,  and I am not addressing that issue.  What I would like to propose however is a change in the way we hear about protests.  
Specifically, the delay between the filing of a protest and the SRS judgement that is handed down.
I mention two outcomes, not for discussion but to illustrate what I feel might be a way to handle the initial protest.  
In the space of 12hrs my teammate and myself were given a one week suspension and a firm slap on the wrist respectively.  I do not argue with the results of the protest or the basis of the protests as reported to SRS.
What I would address is the shock value that first hearing about the protest is when the judgement is handed down.
Most, but not all of us make mistakes of judgement or mishandle a car leading to contact.  These errors, I have noticed can  often lead to vitriol and finger pointing in the post race chat.  Also, in post race apologies are given and accepted, leading one to believe that the issue is resolved.  If a protest is filed, 6 weeks or so down the road, the SRS decision is reached and handed out to the offending driver(s).  The protester receives a message stating the outcome and much cheering can be heard in the forums.  Again I have no problem with that portion of the process.
What I believe would help the situation, both in the short and long term is this.  All protests should be public, the video made available for study as soon as the protest is filed.
The biggest advantage to this, in my opinion, the offending driver knows immediately that he/she is under scrutiny, can replay the posted video or review their local replay to see what happened and ways to correct this type of contact.
I am not suggesting  that this would be anything other than informational, not a pathway to appeal, which rightfully so is entirely in the hands of SRS admin.  All of us, especially, newcomers, would see the process in the open, see what others feel warrants protests.  
Example, 'A' contacts 'B',  'B' protests, 'A' not knowing what was done continues in a behavior  such that  'A' contacts 'C', another protest if filed.  Down the road 'A' receives the decision for the first offense,  and is banned/suspeneded for repeating the conduct. 'A' should have known better might be a typical response, but if 'A' doesn't realize this until 6 weeks is gone by and perhaps more contact has incurred.  
It is here that the public and timely release of the protest would be of great value.  Not for driver 'D' who doesn't give a damn for driver 'A' 'B' or 'C', but to point out  mistake early on and perhaps avoid further action, ie BANNED for LIFE! or suspended for 'x' days.
This is not meant to be a road to allowing public discussion of inky dinks but as a teaching tool and a heads up to drivers to think about track conduct.  
For me it was an eye opener when SRS warned me.  I have a get deal of respect for SRS admin and  the work that goes into maintaining this service and the drivers that make up the field.  SRS aside, it is the drivers who make this game what it is, and it is important to bring up new drivers,  and 'instant' feedback, I feel, would be a great help, both to the new and the old.
Thanks for 'listening' and for  Charlie Whiting RIP,  F1 will sorely miss you.
Jim C Russell
Protests are private an this is not debatable.

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