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More races at night!
right now we have last race starts EVOX at 21.30 UTC, F VEE at 19 and 20, Classic F1 at 22 and Copa marcas only at 23pm
I think will be better have at least 2 races of each one begining at 20pm and less races during the day time to when goes to race be most people possible and dont split by the large schedule!

See ya on track!
Races should be offered based on popularity.

Especially now with the platform just starting off, i'd go for the most popular content.
Have voting lists up every week/month what people want to race and adjust the offering.

I guess Formula Vee is just taking away slots from possible nice grids.
(I love them, but gosh they are beasts to handle)
not sure if the system is down or there are no races due to night time. BUt for the system to work there needs to be a race all the time since night time on one side of the world is daytime in another.

Maybe switch the events to every 2-3 hours around the clock to try to bundle people up in the early days here.

How about a daily big race twice a day that we can focus filling. One for each continent maybe.

Anyways, I have yet to see more than one registered and often no races such as now.
This weekend was just a public test afaik.
So no races until the next testphase or the service goes live.

Don't forget, there are just ~150 people registered.
Let's say there are 40 registered users in your timezone (don't know how widely
spread the community is at the moment, so the number could vary a lot)
75% don't know that there even was a test weekend or had other plans.
Leaves you with roughly 15 drivers that are potentially available for races.
That's not a lot and seeing races with 5 guys in them really surprised me.
Once this community reaches 15.000 drivers everything will be different.

Having main events is definitely a good idea as long as only those count
towards the ranking or there are other benefits than just being the main event.
People would want to run practice races beforehand so they are well
prepared for the main event, meaning even the races prior to the main event
would see a nice grid.

The split in multiple sims is a double edged sword.
For one it's good to bring more people here, but it ultimatively decreases the
number of possible participants in the races.
(I just assume not everybody is a sim herder like me *g*)

Running a limited amount of series (just like in iRacing) with certain series
having specific requirements is in my opinion the best way to start off.
So for example everybody starts out in Minis or similar low power cars
(which usually make up for great close racing) and then progresses forward.
This should of course not be an endless grind, but would filter out those
reckless drivers and once you advanced you can pick the next higher class
or maybe then it's free for everything, don't know.

Sadly only pretty little is known about the plans of the SRS crew.

I will try to adress all the questions here.

We still need to test a lot of things.
I know what you're thinking "if they have been testing this for months, why do they need to do more tests?"

Even though we have been doing tests for a few months there is always something new and unexpected.

We will do weekend tests. The system was designed to run 24/7 with races every hour or half an hour, so the tests will run that way. There are four cycles of 6 hours (4 x 6 = 24 hours) that try to give users across the globe the same races at the same local time.
Since we support GSCE, rFactor 2, rFactor and Arca we will test them as much as we can, but yes, most likely some sims won't be used.

Every race you do here, will affect your rating, official and non official. I reduced to 5 the minimum number of drivers required so that a race will count as official, meaning will score points for the championship.

I 'll also remove the automatic suspensions for those who register on a session and don't show up. It's tested, the only problem is that it worked too well and at this stage is better not to use it.

As for final decisions regarding number of sims, series, race lengths etc.. nothing is closed, and will be focused on users feedback.

From now on, details for the next races will always be updated on the "Race" page.
I am struggling to understand the time the races will Run. I am GMT +10 but how does that equate to UTC time. Map shows me to be in Zone 2.
Races will run 24/7.

You are on zone 2, but you can race whenever you want. Competitions are set on a 6 hour period that repeats 4 times during the day.

For you, the weekend tests start at 10:00 13/2/2016, meaning you'll have the 'race' page working from that hour.

(02-12-2016, 08:59 AM)wayne whitmore Wrote:  I am struggling to understand the time the races will Run. I am GMT +10 but how does that equate to UTC time. Map shows me to be in Zone 2.
(02-12-2016, 08:59 AM)wayne whitmore Wrote:  I am struggling to understand the time the races will Run. I am GMT +10 but how does that equate to UTC time. Map shows me to be in Zone 2.


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