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Poor Quality Racing Of Late
Well I got  a reply from my official report of "Racing incident".  Bit surprised, I wasn't expecting a ban or anything like that, but maybe a quite word as I was driven into the back of.

I think a link to this page "Racing Rules "would be good to have on the SRS Instructions or Regulations page.  Also a strong encouragement to use Helicorsa would be good.
Well I don't know if this is what was supposed to happen, but in my last race I accidentally bumped the car in front on a corner.  Normally I would have slowed or stopped to let them re-overtake but I thought, I'll carry on racing as I have now been told that this is fine and a racing incident Sad
In order to avoid overcrashed races, have a proposal:

Filtering dirty pilots, according its incident average rating.

Racers with a rating over 2 will only participate in rookie races.

Will it worK?
Honestly, a racing incident ? What a joke...
No racing for Smokin Joe Blow tonight... to be honest I have lost heart over the past week... I've watched too many decent drivers have their races ruined because of a few who don't care. I won't be chasing the win in the 3 championships I was leading either, so good luck to the rest of the guys, and hope no-one spoils it for you. I hope SRS comes up with a way to get the racing back to an acceptable standard... until then I'm going to be racing elsewhere. I will drop in from time to time to say hi.
Regards -- Joe.
I will close this thread and all those who discuss racing incidents and complaints regarding other drivers.

There is a tool available to protest. if you feel that some incidents go beyond race incidents, use it!
Now just because you think its more than a race incident, it doesn't mean it is...

Regarding the protests, some drivers have been suspended for one month, others weeks, days or just warned. We've also received a good amount of protests that are clearly race incidents and
others that can not be considered more than, because both the protester and the claimed infractor do mistakes.

Want to make suggestions? do them on the right section of the forum.

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