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About racing in the GT2 series
Anybody else feels the racing hasn't been top notch lately ? I mean, it's good to have new drivers and all, and my oh my, they're fast, but the racing hasn't benefited, really. Too many try-hards in the first corner, too many stupidly risky over-takings, people bumping you off and carrying on as if nothing happened. I haven't been here for so long but this is not what I knew of SRS and this is not what I come here for. So please guys, drive hard but drive clever.
I agree with you 100% and that problems are in every series. Its good that we have more drivers, but the races are now like crash derby. Sad
People please start using support apps like hellicorsa. And use the fucking mirrors, and also the brains !!! Because its going to crash derby!
Here is link to hellicorsa: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/helicorsa.5199/
I have to agree... I nearly gave up on the MX5 cup, as in my first 2 races, after qualifying in second place, I got absolutely battered in the first and second turns by people braking way too late, or forgetting to brake. Personally, if I accidentally clip someone, I wait until they pass me, then continue racing... I did this for Jorge Vidal a few days ago at the Red Bull Ring, where we were racing hard and I clipped him on the last bend of the race causing him to spin. I waited until he passed me before crossing the winning line, so he got the win. I actually finished 3rd, as Glen Orpheus came roaring through a split second before I crossed the line. :-)

Regards, -- Joe.
You can now fill a protest against another driver, it has been released here
Hi guys!

In adittion to what you said, i think it would be nice to incorporate a system wich punish every offtrack by loosing 1 race point

It seems to be very hard, but in my opinion people will reconsider driving too hard
Hellicorsa is great, I can now watch people coming and hitting me from behind ;-)
And yet another race ruined by a bunch of twats who think they'll gain 5 positions at the start. Please SRS, take measures, there's 3 or 4 reports to write in the first corner only.
Its up to the users to fill the report form. If you have done that, you have done your part.
(05-01-2017, 06:43 PM)simracingsystem Wrote:  Its up to the users to fill the report form. If you have done that, you have done your part.
I will (what's a good site to upoad the video btw ? Thanks) but you could also check out the race. There's a bunch of people in that corner who deserve to be put in their place but they did not all affect me directly so I can't report them (?). And even if I can, I don't know that I have the will or the legitimity to be chief master of the righters of the wrongs. Someone should have that authority though, even without a report. If you tell me it would take too much time, then okay, I understand, but right now, the races would really benefit because there's an influx of new drivers who don't give a shit.

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