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Introducing: Assetto Corsa 2.4h Multi-class Racing @ SRS!
Multi-Class Assetto Corsa championship starting October 06!

We are delighted to announce the first Multi-Class Assetto Corsa championship!

2.4 hour Championship

The championship will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of the current AC season at 16:00 GMT.
Two classes shall be available and BOP between cars from the same class will be implemented.


[Image: LMP1-2_4.png]  LMP1 - Cars: ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro, ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2015, ks_porsche_919_hybrid_2016
BOP (% Restrictor): Porsche 919 - 100%, Audi R18 - 14% , Toyota TS040 - 0%

[Image: GT2-2_4.png]GT2 - Cars: bmw_m3_gt2,ferrari_458_gt2,ks_corvette_c7r,ks_porsche_911_rsr_2017
BOP (% Restrictor): Porsche RSR - 45%, Corvette C7R - 41%, Ferrari 458 GT2 - 3%, BMW M3 GT2 0%

Fuel consumption: 200%, Tyre wear: 170% & pit window 00:10 - 02:15.
The championship has minimum rating requirements: 700 for LMP1 and 600 for GT2.

Overtakes between Classes: GT Cars keep their line, LMP1s are responsible for overtaking safely


[Image: RoadAtlanta.png] 06/10/2019

[Image: AIA.png]20 /10 2019

You can access the championship details on the race page

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesMulticlass2h4.jpg]
Nice! Thank you!
What a great news!. I don't know if they rated the 500 rating option for GT2, I still need a little to get there, I have to keep pushing, thanks for your work!
Very cool, thank you
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Sounds awesome.

I guess there will be different splits as well right?
Awesome to finally see this on SRS. I guess I have to start grinding my way up to at least 600 now. Big Grin

I just hope that the attendance will be high enough to keep this on the permanent basis. Maybe switch it up to different eras of multiclass every now and then.
Will BOP numbers be made public beforehand, when finalised, for effective practice?
Fantastic news!!! I hope there are enough participation to have this series all year. If not, maybe trying with shorter races, changing the hour / day or maybe allowing lower ratings could be the way to go to fill the servers.

In any case, there are two important things that should be accomplished to make this work IMO: 
1: Set up big servers. I don't know if there is a way to bypass the slot limitation that every track has, but this kind of races have no sense with a total of 24 drivers per server (12 per class). Maybe there is a mod to allow more drivers per track?
2: Clarify the rules. This is, in my opinion, something that SRS should improve globally, but in this kind of races it is even more important as I think that there are not blue flags between cars of different classes, and not everyone knows it.

Thanks for bring up new stuff.
Awesome, wondering about a lot of details but just knowing it will be possible now is great.
Too bad Assetto Corsa doesn't allow drivers change, which would make it possible for us to have endurance races.

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