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Skip Barber Competition Content Missing
Hello, i play assetto corsa since long time ago, but im new here, and i tried to enter the skip barber competition in road america, i have both contents but i get the download required sign and in the table of the content of the race, it says track road america and car says undefined....so, what i have to do?...thanks you so much.
The car got an update, which we are using for the season. You have to reinstall the Skip Barber car and you should be all set.
Thank you Alex but i installed everything yesterday, i have skip barber 1.2
Sounds like you didn't install it correctly. I think Alexander was assuming you started with 1.1. If you did, be sure you just delete the old car before installing the new one. And if you did not start with 1.1, then just double check where you installed the mod. If the SRS app is saying you don't have it, you don't have it.
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