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Is there a minimum number of participants required to receive championship points?
I raced the MX-5 Cup car this afternoon at Magione, and there was only one other participant. The race page says i received 98 points for coming second, but the championship standings page doesn't show any points for this round.

Not sure if ill have any time later this week to do another race, so hoping the page is just taking a while to update.
Have a look at the SRS Regulation page for infomation on how the scoring system works, but basicly you need at least 6 people signed up for the race for points to count.

Important thing to remember is that it's the number signed up not how many on your server. If you are on server 2 or above and there are only two people or your on your own, you still get points. You do still have to do a minimum of 2 laps for the points to count.
thanks Tim

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