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NASCAR Racing 2003 Tracks
I'm sure by now many nr2003 guys (like myself) have been waiting a long time for a group to get public servers running on such an old, but really fun NASCAR game. After playing around the past two days, I can't thank SRS enough for doing this! It gives me much more motivation to play the game and work on tunes and paint schemes.

While it's not 100% perfect and will take some time to make things work flawlessly, I do have a suggestion:

At the moment, 2003 Cup, IndyCar and MENCS19 are going to original, 2003 tracks. While I don't mind it, there are tons of updated tracks, especially those ranging from 2016-2018, that could definitely be used. 

Again, I'm completely new to SRS and how things work. I understand that this was just released to the nr2003 community and will need some time for everyone to figure out. However, if it is possible, will we see updated tracks pop up in the future?
short answer yes.
LOL you don't do long answers!

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