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Classic F1
Anyone else looking forward to this series?

I've been too busy to get any racing done for weeks now, excited to finally jump back in to some decent racing - hopefully!

Only tried the Ferrari so far, can anyone comment on the differences between the two cars, e.g. handling/laptimes?
I have a personal best at 1.22.50 at practice. I find the Ferrari and the Lotus equally fast, but to me the Ferrari
is a bit more stable, I do less mistakes. So I am going for the 312T. We also made a skin for the members of «The Norwegian Sinracing Team», I think 4 or 5 of us will participate. We did some practice on a private server, and it was great fun ?
C U on track Saturday and Sunday Max

I'm looking forward to this series even though I'm not greatly fast in either car. I just hope I can make time to join it.
Looking forward to it as well. I'll be happy with an incident free race, even if I finish last. I remember the last time they ran it. It was a blast, but it was also incredibly frustrating with everyone crashing into you.
I've taken the plunge and will give it a go. Not my preferred car so may only take part in one race.
Still learning the layout so will definitely be at the back.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Plank autos YouTube channel.
Great race today boys, 0 incidents for me, I was careful and so was the cars around me. Decided to focus on safety and not to do any big mistakes, so had a pace about 0.5 sec behind my personal best, but it kind of payed of I think, came in 5th, and for me that is great. Tomorrow I will try to push a little more.
Really fun serie, tanx to SRS :-)

I really enjoyed that race. One incident for me when i missed my braking point and tapped the wall but clean racing all round.

Very painful for me drive with left foot braking so i could blip the throttle. Think i'll have to mod my pedals so i can brake and blip with my right foot.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Plank autos YouTube channel.
That was jolly good fun. Had to pull off those Matrix skills to dodge all the carnage at the start. I also decided to let some faster guys pass me several times as they kept crashing and spinning out so wanted to be nowhere near them... It worked out in the end, 9th place finish and 5th highest points scorer in the race Big Grin
Well done on a clean race Will! Think I was very lucky at T1, stuck to the outside and hoped for the best... saw some mayhem in my mirrors after that! Very pleased to finish so high, there were some people quicker than me I think who were unfortunate not to get a clean run.

Really well done to Laszlo, I'm super curious as to how he managed such a phenomenal pace! Hope at least someone can give him a decent race at some point, must be lonely out there in his own league!
The field yesterday was great. Kind of like the who's who of SRS Big Grin

That's why I knew I can safely slow down when the crash in T1 happened right before me – and I was right Smile

Sadly I messed up a lot later in the race. I guess the weekend was a little to exhausting.
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