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Server problems leading to jump starts
So i was racing in the Audi tt race, and someone behind me jumps starts and slams into the back of me.
Me not realizing i had recieved a drive through, went on my mairy way.
The rediculous thing is that it was not my fault, nor was it his fault. The server dc'd all cars for a split second and ppl jump the start.
This has happend a couple of times now. And I am getting sick and tired of it.
That perticular race i started third. But the rear hit made me mess up the start dropping to 6th. fought my way back up to second. and if i had of been able to race i had a good chance of coming secon. or even first.
Fix your servers SRS. Angry
Maybe just report the problem, give some details, and that's it. Free service, shit happens, etc..
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