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Tim Driscoll
Well, my name is obviously Tim. It wasn't a clever ruse or anything. I am very new to sim Racing. I discovered it quite by accident. I have an incurable illness and was looking through you tube for something to watch while feeling dumpy about 18 months or so ago and found some of the very popular Sim racer channels there and became immediately interested. I was not at the time a racing fan of any kind. Now, I can't get enough of it, simulated or actual, I am hooked. I actually started racing in March of this year (2018). It took me a bit to save up for the gear I wanted. 
So, I play a lot of Assetto Corsa mainly for the Custom Championships and modding. I have Project Cars 2, but I really struggle with the handling on that, which is odd because I've been told the physics on PC2 are 'Easier' than AC. However, I can play AC with all the assists set to factory and do okay, but not on PC2. But I digress... I am also on iRacing but during summer break that can be difficult for me to get into as I have an autistic son who may need me and if I'm in a race that I can't pause that can be problematic. 
I have an Oculus rift as well as Triple Monitor. 

Thats about it I guess. Thanks for letting me aboard. Oh, I was turned onto this amazing resource by The Sim Racing Paddock and his video about the Mazda League. Not sure if I'm anywhere good enough to compete in a league at the moment. Afraid I would screw up and ruin someones race.

Welcome, Tim. I started simracing about two years ago, and I enjoy it more every day. SRS with AC (and Raceroom and Automobilista) is a good way to get your feet wet online. Simracers are lucky to have so many good sims to choose from. Have you tried Raceroom, Automobilista, or rF2?
I have not tried those. I race a good amount in iRacing. But, mainly Assetto Corsa and I'm in a couple F1 2017 leagues. I'm interested in RaceRoom though as they have a fantastic DTM DLC pack. DTM is my favorite racing championship as of right now. I'm still discovering this stuff though... GT cars are undeniable cool though...
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Welcome Tim. I only started sim racing at Christmas and as of writing this have done 368 races on SRS, quite the addiction Smile Don't be too worried about jumping into races, we're mostly friendly. One thing I learned quickly is to focus on racing cleanly over finishing position or lap times. Once I started getting comfortable it became almost instinctual to race close and hard with other drivers which saw improvements across the board and eventually you will get to a point where you recognise certain drivers, know how they drive and know how to race them safely.

Hope you enjoy the racing and I hope to see you on track sometime,
Hi Tim, If you're thinking about Raceroom and DTM, give the Starter Pack a go. (It's what I use, bolstered with more tracks bought when the sales are on.) It's relatively cheap, has 10 cars and 5 tracks (although Brands Hatch is just the Indy layout), and will let you race alongside other cars that you don't own, both online and offline. It has the 2016 Audi DTM, too.

Note: Buy the VRP, Raceroom's virtual currency, from their store instead of Steam. It's much cheaper.   Smile 

Win 10, Intel W3550 3GHz CPU, 8GB Ram, Nvidia 1050Ti.

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