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Maserati Trofeo Fixed setup ??
Fixed setups have been recently introduced on Assetto Corsa series.
Default setup is used and locked except on the following parameters:
Tyre Type. You can select all available types.
Fuel Amount
Brake Bias
Brake Power
Traction Control


I noticed it by accident when watched replay of race I participated that some drivers have a different setup, in event where it says fixed setup by the things that are obvious , (in GIF My car default without brake light)


Can somebody please say what is that ?
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what the brake light tell about setup? the brake lights are still there, no matter of setup
He could mean the seemingly different rear camber.
Michal Janak

O man ,because my car and another car with different camber and suspension height  are the same color (skin),I just want to people know which car is which 

Obviously we do not have the same setup in fixed setup event

question is how it can be ?
My YouTube channel :   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjs_p1WwfiqjcUbmVbkZbHg
but are car shapes, heights and othe like camber coretly showing in online? i saw many times some cars sit low and when i gotsame setup from this driver, in my game the car wasn laying on ground
Ok Thanks for your comment , I hope there will be more people who will have something to say on this
I do not claim anything, I do not accuse anyone
I just want to hear what people think about this
My YouTube channel :   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjs_p1WwfiqjcUbmVbkZbHg
Camber of other cars in online races is not accurately represented in AC. Check all the other cars in that replay as well, they all probably look like they have different camber than you. I highly doubt someone is somehow using a custom setup, not saying it's impossible, but it's easily explained in this case by how opponent cars are displayed online with the netcode.
He doesn't have different camber, it's just AC's replay being silly, in this view you can even sometimes see it woobling on flat surfaces. Many other things aren't accurate in replay, like the pedals that are on/off.

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