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R3E driver??
Since the update no drivers are coming to R3E. Does someone have a reason?? It is really sad, I don't find any races...
I was going to post now the same thing. DTM race in 15 minutes and only 5 registered ... what happened?
I think a lot of drivers have not downloaded the new version since last R3E update.
I have the same. 19:00 ADAC race and only 2 registered... I want only a good and fair race??
Well you have to take into account that R3E sells content per series. It`s a tough deal to make. So if you have Audi LMS in GTR3 but not in ADAC2013 then you will not be able to race it in ADAC2013 series. This raises all kind of problems with joining races - for example I`d like to race ADAC2013 but I don`t have Knutstorp Ring, so I`m out. And I`m not paying 4€ to race Knutsorp. I own plenty of R3E content yet over half of R3E series featured in SRS are closed for me, since I do not own car/track combo.

IMO R3E series should only feature the most popular cars/tracks combos. The less popular content you require, the smaller numbers at the table.

Assetto Corsa OTOH is a cheap alternative so plenty of people sign up.
But if you look at the races the weeks before it is clear that many did not find out that they have to use a different version of the app a the standard update is not working.
It's normal, the instructions still point to the broken app:
(05-14-2018, 04:53 PM)Sven Teske Wrote:  Since the update no drivers are coming to R3E. Does someone have a reason?? It is really sad, I don't find any races...

ich hab so oft disconnects seit dem update - liegt auch nicht an meiner ping - gester quali dtm2016 : 1.38.5 

dann schaltet es um auf rennen - und wiedermal abflug Sad  und quali zeit wurde auch nicht gespeichert Sad
[quote pid='14621' dateline='1526316831']
und das rennen vom 12.5 oschersleben was ich gewonnen habe das fehlt einfach - nur server 2 ist da 

Ist einfach Schade, dass ein so toller Service nicht genutzt wird und sich teilweise so wenig Leute für ein Rennen eintragen.
SRS are updating the incoming series page with new r3e thingy right now i think 8)
Actually i was waiting for that from a lot, because i'm bored of AC, and i would like to join you all soon.
o/ !

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