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Best way to buy RaceRoom?
Noobie question: What is the cheapest way to play Raceroom through SRS?
I see that there are a lot of  packs available, but I don't want to buy a pack and then use only one or two cars/tracks, so what do you think? would it be better to buy single cars and tracks every season, or give a chance to one of this packs? By the way, do we know which content will SRS use in the future so we can take it into acocunt now before buying something?
And another question, do Raceroom offer discounts ins the Steam sales days?

Thank you!
Always buy Raceroom content with the VRP virtual currency from the Raceroom shop. It is cheaper than buying through Steam.

The Starter Pack offers 10 cars, each from a different class, and a few tracks. (Be aware that Brands Hatch is the Indy version, not the full circuit.) Owning one car in a class gives you the ability to race against all other cars in that class; a distinct advantage over Assetto Corsa.

Wait for discounts/sales. They are reasonably frequent. I hope you enjoy Raceroom.  Smile
So, i am also kinda intrested on this but I would like to get some impressions how is raceroom compared to assetto and automobilista.. maybe this deserves a proper thread idk...
My major concerns are with physics and realism.

thanks for whoever could share his experience.

"If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himslef."
- Ferdinand Porsche
The good thing is that you can try all Raceroom cars for free, so it's easy to compare both games.
The simulator is free and you can try free-paying vehicles.

Regarding the best way to get content with SRS, you can access a page where the virtual currency has a 35% discount. Therefore you can buy about 20€ (  16,99€ ) and go buy the content according to the categories of SRS.

The VRP is a no brainer.
In terms of content, the Starter pack is the way to go. That should get you into 2 races already, The TT cup and The GTR3 ATM.
If you like what you see I would get the european track pack and the american track pack. This should get you through 90% of races done this season (besides the f4 races, you need to get that car seperatly). All this should cost under 30€. So i would get the 34€ VRP that gives you 50€ worth in content. After this get any other tracks you fancy with the rest or just save it untill something you like/need arrives.
Next week there will be a patch and a new track. I wouldn't be surprised if there are discounts too.

In terms of phisics, GT3 is as good as it gets right now. Main problem for me is lack of tyre pressure option. The rest of the classes are ok. Everything that is FWD is really good, modern DTM is nice and DTM 92 is super fun though i'm not 100% sure how accurate it is.

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