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Mazda MX5 Cup @ Road America SRS Onboard
Hi all,
after having a lot of fun in my favorite car , I decided to do a little onboard video.
There you go,  messed up some apexes but overall it were some decent laps.
Sadly it isn´t the complete race, cams battery was low :-(
It was the todays 3pm race (german time).
Excuse me for the bad sound quality, sound isn´t gopro´s strenght.
MX5 soundmod made by Fonsecker, available at racedepartment.


Greetings Matthias

Edit: quality should change to 1080p in a few minutes.
Quite the rig you have. Also thanks for the heads up on the sound mod... I'll have to check that out.
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Try it, you´ll never race something else :-)

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