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Suggestions for next season
As I talk with my friends who drive here, too, we came to a discussion about next season.

We came up to a suggestions about the series which are driven the most, that means Seats and Renaults right now. I think that these two series should be for people to gain the rating and experience. The Seats were good - not that fast car, good to handle. But the Renault - that car is too fast, it can go more than 300kph, hard to handle. Our suggestion is, to put into these series some slower cars with good handling, like it was few seasons back, there were Mazda MX5 and Tatuus, which were really good series to gain experience, have some nice and fair fights etc., especially in Mazda MX5. So we would say, that similar slower cars with handling like that are very good for this, and then later during the day, like 21CET or 22CET or also 23CET and also Asian series, there are some series with faster cars, where you can enjoy them after you gain the experience, talking about newcomers here a less experienced drivers.

Another small suggestion, there is Mazda MX5 series now at 23CET, probably not too many people drive it, because the race which starts before is still on during this time. But suggestion - maybe it would be interesting as a short sprint, like 5 minutes qualifying and two races with 10 minutes lenght.
What do you think?
TPC SimRacing Team Driver

Just my thoughts on the Mazda races, only 1 time slot makes it hard to race, for me anyway.
I'm not home from work Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday it's right at diner time............A special thanks to my wife for being flexible about that....haha 
I do like the format.
Also slower tracks would be cool. There are some cool ones in RD that haven't been used ... i think.
-Tor Poznań
-Symmons Plains
-Laguna Seca
These more technical "track day like" tracks with slower cars are as fun as it gets =).

About the cars
-i would be down for some more metalex but most people didn't like it
-Ginetta GT4

AND PLEASE A MULTICLASS SERIES !!!!! GT3 (Vanilla) + Proto (IER Car Pack DP or oreca) or GT3 vs GT4. PLEASE !
Tor Poznan was used in F.Abarth a couple of seasons ago, it was great. Great as a track, but also great mod, Kunos level quality.

I also loved the MTX, but yeah it wasn't very popular...
Poznan was used before, maybe Symmons Plains too, Im not sure. Official laser scanned Laguna Seca should be out until the end of the year with some DLC for AC. But you are right, the cars look good, altough I would not recommend Metalex, as you said, not too many people liked it, me neither.

And about the multiclass series, true true. As we suggested 1 or 2 seasons ago, it would be awesome to have multiclass series in Le Mans style - prototypes for people with high rating (500+, or even more) and then the GT2/GT3/GT4 cars for people with ratings 200+ or even for newcomers with GT4s, that would be great I think with long races like 1h and on endurance tracks like Le Mans etc., but I dont know if its possible to have the signup for the race like that, is it? Admins?
TPC SimRacing Team Driver

Next season I would like to race with the Petrobras cars (I tried the mod and I liked it a lot) with schedules like the Leon Eurocup.

About tracks ... I think it would be great to try out more no-DLCs tracks

Make this happen SRS, pls
Men's Cars please, RWD + H gearbox.

Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion (x2) Cool  

Automobilista Lancer RS Cup Champion Sleepy

Automobilista Mini Challenge Champion
MX-5 Cup this season suffers from being stuck between GT2 endurance (overlap) and very popular Leon Cup (overlapping).

Combined with the fact that there was only one slot per day doesn't help.

MX-5 Qualifications should have been 10 mins instead of 20, and maybe 15 mins x2 (for the reverse grid) could have allowed one less overlap with other series.

Most important, single daily occurrence race shouldn't have a race overlapping it before especially if it's a high rating serie, mind you there is a little less than 400 drivers >500

and not ll these 400 drivers are interested in racing this serie
Have you checked out my YouTube Channel ? https://www.youtube.com/user/sebastienbrunier74/
(11-13-2017, 03:27 PM)Juan Reinoso Wrote:  Men's Cars please, RWD + H gearbox.

Yes. I agree. I'd like to see some more 90's DTM at a reasonable time (Gamer Muscle had his at an impossible time for me - regular week day and me being based in North America).

In general, though, I'd like to see more series with exactly that -  RWD + H gearbox. It's really enjoyable to heel-toe shift with an H-pattern.
I am interested to know why people like multiclass races? Personally as someone who is alway near the back of the grid I don't like Multiclass!
In a 20 min race I don't get lapped - GOOD. In an hour long race the leaders will lap me maybe once - THATS OK.

In a multiclass race the mid speed guys in any class of car are getting lapped almost every lap! How is this fun for the fast guys as they have to try to avoid being crashed out by Noobs and for us guys that are slower its a nightmare and it ruins your personal race with someone of similar speed when you are trying to help the guy lapping you. Just curious!

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