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Sebring Track has been updated to v0.8!
Sebring Track has been updated to v0.8!

Please update your content.
Can u share the link pls

Thnx Wink
(09-25-2017, 05:37 PM)Miguel Oliveira Wrote:  Can u share the link pls

Thnx Wink


You will find the links always in the "Current Series downloads" section.
Tx alot mate Wink
apparently some people have issues with the performance of the current release of the v0.8 Sebring for AC (see in the support section for the track over at the Racedepartment download section).
It might be prudent to skip this track for the next season until a fixed version is released and start again using it for special events only and the following season after the fix.

The performance issues some users are experiencing with the current version of the track is apparently related to excissive memory use by the track due to a bug. The maker is working on it.

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