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Close finish in the MX5 cup
Had a race 2 weeks ago in the mx5 cup, during the race Russel Sobie and me were constantly switching positions. This went on for the entire race and I had a freaking blast. It also made for the closest finish ive ever had in SRS and i wanted to share it with you guys Tongue  Props to Russel for the close and clean racing!
[Image: close_finish_srs.png]
''All the time you havea to leavea the space''

As said by Fernando Alonso in broken english during the Bahrein GP 2012

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Close finish in the MX5 cup - by Sebastiaan van den Heuvel - 01-23-2018, 01:03 PM
RE: Close finish in the MX5 cup - by João Dias - 01-23-2018, 01:54 PM

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