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Multiclass Series
Any plans on multiclass series ? 
Also multiclass with minimum rating for each class would be cool.
Lets say 200 for GT and 400 for Proto, just to try to maximize quality of life in these races Big Grin 
Just and idea.
Loving SRS atm  Angel
Good idea, too, +1

Question is, if they can set up the registration for the race in the ways, one for 200 rating and other one for 400, and then put them together on same server
I didn't know multi-class was possible in Assetto (i mean, are race rankings correctly done for each class ?)
That could be great fun. (a GT/LMP race at Le Mans, at least 1 hour, would be soooo good Tongue  )
If it can be done is a great idea race ProtoGt series Big Grin
I'd be up for this also... I've watched a few races where Jimmy Broadbent races in multiclass... looks great!
-- Joe.
This would be awesome :O, we have nice lemans cars and a lot of gt3 and some gt2
Great idea!
Love the idea too !
Have you checked out my YouTube Channel ? [url=https://www.youtube.com/c/sebastienbrunier]https://www.youtube.com/c/sebastienbrunier[/url][url=https://www.youtube.com/c/sebastienbrunier][/url]
Sounds like a cool idea, it would give me an excuse for being lapped Wink
If they can get the scoring system to work for the different classes this would be a very cool addition to SRS!
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