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New Automobilista 2 series starting September 23!
New Automobilista 2 series starting September 23!

We are delighted to announce our new Automobilista 2 series:

Wednesday series (12 mins Qualy + 20 min Race )

[Image: LancerCup.png] Lancer RS Cup 23:30 GMT

Weekend Series - Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays (12 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: F309.png] Formula 3 (F309) 17:30, 23:30 GMT

You can access the season details on the race page

Remember to add a check mark on the Automobilista 2 item to allow you to see the races on the race page.
Click here to add Automobilista 2 on your profile

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesAMS2Sep20.jpg]
Thanks for this.

Go AMS2   Big Grin
I wasn't expecting the new series to start this week. Oh, I guess I need to choose quickly in which one of the two series I will participate.
I like the Lancer but the timing doesn’t fit with mine. Open wheel is not for me this time, have fun and nice champs, guys!
I'm very happily surprised that this new series is starting up so quickly. I plan to do both, but I'm very excited for a chance to race in Monaco with people who won't dive-bomb into Lowes.
I´d love to see one of the Mitsubishi tracks be replaced with Bathrust... just an ideia.
I´ll try to race in both series, Wednesday night, and Saturday afternoon.

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