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New Automobilista 2 series starting August 12!
(08-13-2020, 12:23 AM)Armando┬áMossuto Wrote:  The first formula trainer race was fun.

I started very conservatively because the qualy with the cold tires really scared me and I didn't really practiced this car that much. Thanks to everyone spinning, I found myself in 4th position somehow. But someone punted me from behind, probably because I was really taking the last corner very slowly. From there I started to regain my confidence, still quite slow, but consistent enough to catch the group from 3 to 5. But then I discovered that I was running out of fuel (I don't know how I failed to calculate that correctly), which was a shame because I was close to start reaching my faster laps. Going to the pit stops I also discovered that there is no auto slow enabled for first gear like AC or ACC and received a 10 second penalty.

Interesting race, I would have probably finished in the back of the last split if more people joined, but it was fun anyway.
So that was why you went into the pits, that was so sad I thought we where gonna battle for third at that time.
Considering everything, was a very good first race. This series with more ppl would be much more fun, 1 sec lap time difference on this car is something huge. Brands is a tough track for this car, but more level ones, there will be much less spinning. And would be very difficult to catch up.

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