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New Automobilista 2 series starting August 12!
The first formula trainer race was fun.

I started very conservatively because the qualy with the cold tires really scared me and I didn't really practiced this car that much. Thanks to everyone spinning, I found myself in 4th position somehow. But someone punted me from behind, probably because I was really taking the last corner very slowly. From there I started to regain my confidence, still quite slow, but consistent enough to catch the group from 3 to 5. But then I discovered that I was running out of fuel (I don't know how I failed to calculate that correctly), which was a shame because I was close to start reaching my faster laps. Going to the pit stops I also discovered that there is no auto slow enabled for first gear like AC or ACC and received a 10 second penalty.

Interesting race, I would have probably finished in the back of the last split if more people joined, but it was fun anyway.

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RE: New Automobilista 2 series starting August 12! - by Armando Mossuto - 08-13-2020, 12:23 AM

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