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New Automobilista 2 series starting August 12!
Thanks for the tips, guys. I have done a fair amount of tweaking, including trying some ghost setups. I can do a decent hotlap, but I will need to slow it down considerably for the race as I don't trust myself not to spin out and take a bunch of people out. In my current setup, I've lowered the brake pressure to 80% and I've reduced the rear ARB and raised the front ARB as well as softening the springs. But I did it on both, so I will try just loosening the rears. 

What gets me is how the rear will just take off. I also notice that you have to be really careful about the downshifts as well. 

Of course, who knows what it will be like after today's update? That's an interesting wrinkle in the prep. Either way, I'm looking forward to this and the Ginetta series.

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RE: New Automobilista 2 series starting August 12! - by Jason Chamberlain - 08-11-2020, 03:57 PM

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