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Empty Schedule
Hey guys, just picked up my CSL Elite + GT Omega Wheelstand and Project Cars 2 on sale. With a custom FFB File, it's really good fun. After racing my Brother and the AI for a couple days, I was hoping to jump into the SRS experience. Unfortunately the race calendar is empty, eventhough there was a new series announced end of April? Is it already over? New series planned?
Thank you for your hard work,
I'm new on SRS and I want to play PC2 for begining but think there are nos races ?
Right ?

hey Alain, yes indeed. It seems that Pcars2 was not very active on here so that no new races were put in. Maybe there will be new ones in future, which I'd appreciate. I think Pcars2 is loads of fun, especially with custom FFB file from Christiaan
I just picked up PC2 on sale also. I've been racing SRS in AC for a few months and love it. Wish they would have some PC2 races.
Anny news on Pcars2 lobby's?

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