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Hi all, new sim racer here!
Just wanted to say hello. Was starting to get into Sim racing before this whole pandemic thing and now I am really hooked! I am loving Assetto Corsa Ulitmate Edition and just got a smoking deal on keys for Project Cars 2 Deluxe Edition and Assetto Corsa Comp. Been playing F1 2018 as well but I now see how a Sim game varies from a Simulator. Currently waiting on a extruded 4Play rig to get things solid. Right now I am using a folding flimsy card table and and folding camping chair. Have a TM TMX Pro setup for wheel with the T3PA pedals. I can see getting new load cell pedals as my next investment! 
Anyway look forward to some racing and fun. I used to do RC cars and still have a few. What I like about the sims is that while it can cost a lot it is really about same as RC cars for a basic setup, things don't break as much and I have access to it anytime I want! 


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