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add AI
as long as there is little participation i think it would be benefitial 
to have AIs on the server so we have somebody to race against instead
of hotlapping for 20 minutes.

I would definitely join races against AI, but a race on an empty server
simply doesn't do the trick. of course some sort of rating needs to be in
place so that adjusting AI strength is possible. 
Let,s say somebody with a rating of 2.0 is about as fast as 90% AI and
somebody with a rating of 5.0 is about as fast as 120% AI.

Using AI as a tool to measure rating isn't the worst idea anyways
because AI is pretty consistent and there are always AI drivers around
no matter which day it is and how early/late it is.

There are now 2 servers afaik. Don't know the strength of drivers here
but i think starting with 95% and 105% would cover a good range?

In case this is already in / currently in the works, just ignore Smile
Is this possible? Add AI to an online session?

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