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Nurburgring 1967 updated to V1.1 [Assetto Corsa]
(05-04-2020, 05:22 PM)Duarte Luz Wrote:  
(05-04-2020, 03:48 PM)IgorĀ Relja Wrote:  Fair point, to each their own, but CM actually boosts your FPS, if you turn off fancy lighting and weather.

Boosts FPS?! well maybe sooner or later I will try it then... ThanksĀ Igor

*By "turn off fancy lighting and weather" you mean without installing custom shaders patch? or other thing?

No, you still need CSP, I've misspelled. To run custom shaders patch, you need CM. CSP has a lot of features, it's not just one thing. Some could effect your framerate like special Weather (rain, day/night cyclus and other fancy stuff you'll see on YouTube) or Lighting (projected headlights and track lights). But you also have settings where you can turn on CPU and GPU optimization. If you play with the settings a bit you can get a nice boost. I make it sound a lot more complicated then it is.

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