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Teleport to pits isn't counted as mandatory pitstop
So, this was upsetting to find out...
I just raced the 1hr nurbugring gt3 race. I had to teleport to pits - don't worry, I didn't wreck myself or anyone else, I'm not an idiot! I just thought that the pit entry was not where it actually was (I'm an idiot).
So I had to teleport to pits (didn't have enough fuel to make another lap) and wait out the penalty.
I was really surprised (and annoyed) when I got the black flag 10m before the end of the race for not pitting. waiting in the pits for 1 whole minute and throwing the race isn't enough?? guess not.   Rolleyes
I think what counts as a pit is actually adding 1L of fuel and/or changing tires. But I wouldn't know for sure because 1 hour races are for masochists. Smile

You could possibly have reversed a bit then drove back onto your spot and done the deal there? Again, not sure.
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