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Assetto Corsa Competizione support coming soon!
yeeeah where is ACC. Loooooong time ago there was a post "acc coming soon", but its like 6 months or more ago
many people waiting would be great srs in ACC
Is this initiative dead? Any expectations on whether it will materialize any time soon?  Would be a valuable addition to both SRS and ACC imho.
Necesitamos ACC en SRS cuanto antes!! seria la mejor forma para correr en Assetto Corsa Competizione!!
And Imola is ready!
there is a race for tomorrow in the schedule (Super Trofeo @Brands), this means ACC in SRS will resume? i tried to download the app but it seems the link is not working on the thread.
It seems that some preliminary testing of a new SRS-ACC integration might be underway.
Perhaps patience will soon be rewarded. Big Grin
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Oh yeah Big Grin
no news?

Why do you delete previous messages?

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