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Assetto Corsa Competizione support coming soon!
(03-14-2020, 10:40 PM)Marek Vons Wrote:  But also, one car chosen by a person for the whole season would be a good idea too, otherwise people will be choosing every track the OP car for that track Big Grin
There is the possibility for SRS to add restrictor % and ballast for specific car/track combos.
Although to be honest: Whilst i am MASSIVELY looking forward to the porsche cup and super trofeo races, i think the regular CP races in ACC are good enough for me and i'm not sure if i'd sign up for a regular SRS race.

edit: completely forgot: UNLESS these are multiclass porsche cup and/or super trofeo mixed with GT3 cars. Oh boy that would be great.
in case that happens: i'd put 20% (maximum) restrictor on both the porsche cup and super trofeo to keep the top speed down (would not touch the ballast otherwise the risk of people colliding during braking/cornering would increase i think)

also: even with the restrictor maxed out the top speed doesn't go down by a lot. at least on bathurst the top speed on my porsche cup test went down by maybe 5 kph

i've attached a bop.json to this post which sets the restrictor for the porsche cup to 20% on all tracks. (can be put into the "cfg" folder of a server)
@admin let me know if i should add the huracan ST to that file as well in case you decide to offer mutliclass races.

edit²: could not upload a .json file -> rename the file to "bop.json"

edit³: relevant information from the server admin handbook, regarding if a bop is already set on the entrylist (not the bop.json file):
Quote:The values of the bop.json act additive to the entry list, so you can combine a championship penalty with your track/car specific changes. Any admin command (/ballast or /restrictor) will set the corresponding value to whatever you define, and overwrite potential configurations until the car rejoins.

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.txt   bop.json.txt (Size: 4.74 KB / Downloads: 7)
Well, looks like I'll be back racing with you guys soon Smile I've been all in on ACC since last summer probably, so very happy to see support here finally.
Any news on where we can find the app?
(03-17-2020, 09:19 PM)Simon Taylor Wrote:  Any news on where we can find the app?
Hopefully we can get our hands on it soon. Seeing the competizione races in under the "race" pages makes me really want to start racing!
could be a very nice if it could go live this weekend i dont have to work so plenty time for racing

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