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New Assetto Corsa series starting March 9th!
This is a lovely calendar for a better service than Iracing in many aspects.

We have the Skippy and its a better one!

Long Life SRS! Value what we have guys!
SRS SPAIN , NORDSCHLEIFE ASSETTO FAN CLUB, www.youtube.com/c/deracingx
What a perfect timing to end my SRS hiatus.
Can´t wait to race the Skippy again.
see you guys on track
„Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat es aufzuschließen.“ - Walter Röhrl
Only a word: Thanks!!!
I am grateful to you for being satisfied with Formula 1 circuits. Thanks again.
Practice server is running for the Skip Barber series search online for ...
SRS Practice Skip Barber Formula 2000 - Summit Point
... will switch tracks as the series progresses.
Have Fun !!


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