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New Assetto Corsa series starting January 27!
Love most of the cars here again so, thanks Henrique! Smile I'm looking for 1-hour races and 1 week - 1 race seasons mostly, championship wise. DRM is great choice for this I think. Last race of that season was great. I can't possibly make it to compete in points with all the daily series there but I have good fun jumping in here and there none the less.
Looks like another great AC season!
Huh Anybody know bout the Ginetta and Porsch mod cars - are they realistic enough?
See you on track ~S!~ Big Grin
My (sorry in spanish, but its easy to follow it..) summary of the SRS series trying to attract more people into srs , preferably clean ones Tongue
SRS SPAIN , www.youtube.com/c/deracingx
(01-26-2020, 03:12 PM)Kaden Russel Wrote:  Interesting having the series typically on Friday/Saturday only on Saturday for the US folks. One chance now
Agree with Kaden, need more US evening races asap.
I would like the premiere 60min series to be nightly as well, but this has been a scheduling problem in the past. With the weekly YouTube races taking the 21:00 Eastern time slot, the 60min endurance races would get pushed to 22:00-00:00. This is the way it used to be, but the turnout at that time slot was quite low. (I'm not complaining; I got a couple of race wins out of it! Big Grin) So instead, the 60min "daily" just fills in the gaps in the YouTube hosted schedule.

So TL;DR I miss having the full schedule of nightly endurance races but don't miss staying up past midnight cooling down from them after also running another race. Big Grin

Here's an example of what I was talking about. It's from back when the Americas-region enduro session started at 22:00 Eastern time.

Nine drivers registered, three dropped during quali, and Tomas fell asleep. Big Grin

Also as you can tell the late hour leads to increased crankiness, and nobody needs that! Big Grin
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