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New Assetto Corsa series starting January 27!
New Assetto Corsa series starting January 27!

We are delighted to announce the new Assetto Corsa series!

1 hour Daily Series

We will continue to provide championships for different regions:

[Image: PorscheGT4America.png]GT2 America: 02:00 GMT only on Sundays

[Image: PorscheGT4Asia.png] GT2 Asia: 15:00 GMT

[Image: PorscheGT4Euro.png] GT2 Euro: 21:00 GMT

Fuel consumption:200%, Tyre wear:170% & pit window 00:10 - 00:50.
Cars: Porsche Clubsport GT4 (ks_porsche_cayman_gt4_clubsport)
BOP (% Restrictor): none

Youtuber series

Some youtuber series will feature  10 mins qualy + 20 mins Race and others 20 min Qualy +  1 hour Race.

Euro youtubers

[Image: GrigArtPlayLancerEVOVIII.png] GrigArtPlay Lancer Evo VIII - Tuesdays 20:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: AussieStigSeatLeonTCR.png] Aussie Stig Seat Leon TCR - Thursdays 20:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

America youtubers **

[Image: JeanvsZeroBandWidth420R.png]  Jean vs ZeroBandWidth Caterham 420R - Tuesdays 02:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: 2Old4ForzavsGTPDTM90.png]  2Old4Forza vs GTP DTM 90s (BMW+Merc) - Wednesdays 02:00 GMT (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: ProSimRacingLotusExosS1.png] Pro sim Racing / The Sim Pit - Lotus Exos S1 - Fridays 02:00 GMT (all 20 mins Qualy + 1 h Race)
[Image: SimRacingPaddockAudiTTCup.png] Sim Racing Paddock Audi TT Cup - Saturdays 02:00 GMT  (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

Daily Series (all 10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: Abarth500corse.png] Abarth 500 Corse

[Image: GinettaGT5.png] Ginetta GT5

[Image: RusselAlexisMK14.png] Russel Alexis MK14

Mondays (20 mins Qualy + 1 h  Race, mandatory pistop between 00:10 and 00:50 - 200% tyre wear)

[Image: DRM.png] DRM Revival 20:00 GMT (All available cars)

Wednesdays (10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: Porsche911Singer.png] Porsche 911 Singer 20:00 GMT

Thursdays (10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)

[Image: LegendsFord.png] Legends Ford 02:00 GMT

Weekends (10 mins Qualy + 20 mins Race)
[Image: R25vsMP4-20.png] VRC F1 2005 R25 vs MP4-20 20:00 GMT

You can access the season details on the following link

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesACJanuary20.jpg]
The 911 Singer mod includes two versions: the '4.0' and the '3.8'. Which one will we be racing?
the default one (4.0)
nice selection, there's something for everyone

that 1h DRM series is amazing, thank you!
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th Lotus 25 2018, 4th DRM 2019, 5th ASR Williams FW14 vs. Ferrari 643 2019
wow wow wow i am gonna have problems selecting which series i will race because they all are are so hot!

Brunette or blondie? Difficult choice and Henrique Alves doesnt help so much with this calendar! Tongue

Great series ahead!!

PD: I would love to join Zero and Jean ones but mate its 2am in my part of the globe, but i will try some race! :*
SRS SPAIN , www.youtube.com/c/deracingx
Great choice, this season I will try the Evo and the F1 2005.
Does anyone know if there are fixed setup series?
It shows 'fixed' or 'open' in the blue bars above each series.

Nice mix of series, thanks Henrique!

Good to see something a bit different from GT2/GT3 in the one hour series. Does that mean GT5 next season? Big Grin

Off to try the singer now, also should really get round to learning the Russel Alexis!

For me the Friday night series is another miss, but I am sure that will be a popular one for those that like upside down aeroplanes lol
Bowleriffic ? Must skin now.
Note: SloBros DRM Spa is online.
Interesting having the series typically on Friday/Saturday only on Saturday for the US folks. One chance now
Best Stat: Championship win in Simpit Russell Alexis Series

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