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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Hey Admin and Racers...
I'm having problems with a different skin I've created for someone I race with. The folder is way under the 10Mb limit. All the files are correctly labeled and saved. I'm just wondering about the title of the skin folder itself and possibly the ".json" file.

I see in the original post where you have instructions on naming the skin folder---

Skin folder must be named after your SRS username but on lower capsno accents and spaces replaced by an underscore '_'
  • Ex: username:Henrique Alves      skin folder: henrique_alves

  • Ex: username:João Paço               skin folder: joao_paco
But this driver's name is "John G. Hill" and I assume his skin folder name should be "john_g_hill" since you don't have an example with a middle initial.

ALSO... Will the ".json" file with driver info (name, number, skin name, country, etc.) have anything to do with the system identifying the skin and showing it.
I noticed in last night's SIMPIT M3 race, his skin still wasn't showing up on the SRS TV stream.

Thanks in advance for any insight into fixing this problem.
Cool Respectfully..... Stan Donit Cool

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