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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Last races the app tells me that my Ginetta's skin is larger than 10 MB and this is not correct. My skin is about 5 MB so I don't understand what happens. Any ideas?
complete skin folder should be less than 10MB, not just the main dds file.
(08-27-2017, 12:52 AM)simracingsystem Wrote:  complete skin folder should be less than 10MB, not just the main dds file.

My mistake, I thought it was relative only to the .dds skin. It was the livery, now the entire folder is less than 10 MB. 
Thanks SRS.

PS: I see the instructions again and you said "Skin size must be lower than 10MB". Maybe you should say "Skin folder"
Hello community! The app was installed, here is the full path: L:\Games\steamapps\assettocorsa\launcher\themes\default\modules\srs..
That should be ok, isn't it? Unfortunately there is no SRS entry to activate in the UI Modules Section!? Please help me out!
This topic is for the skin transfer app but tell me:

What's inside that srs folder?
Thanks for the quick replie! graphics (Folder), module.ini,. srs.css, srs.html, srs.js (files).
Steam\steamapps\common\assetto corsa

This is where the zip should be extracted
Ok ADMIN, I see. I've moved AC into that Folder and AC works fine, other UI Modules too. Do I have to move it into a common Folder??? Please let me know! Alex

Oh f...! Cause of moving AC to another SSD, there are 2(!) AC Folders on my harddrive. Oh what embarrassing... Now its seems to work, I will try to race tomorrow, time for bed now.
Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers Alex
Just lately since the start of this series, my skin uploads, then the app checks for others skins... the app says someone's skin has not been uploaded, then eventually times out. I suspect it is because someone has a skin that exceeds the 10mb limit, but it should really ignore that and move on. My skin never shows up now on replays... then the next race it starts all over again, my skin uploads then times out.
Hi, my isp has blocked Mediafire? is there another way to download this app?

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