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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Hmm, I don't know or even think, the "SRSskintransfer.exe" analyses the dds-format or its resolution or - summarized - the content of the dds-files. I think it just syncs the content of two folders while uploading to the server and downloading to the client. And there is something wrong. Uploading works better as we can see on SRS-TV. Why the App doesn't download the "Skin_00.dds" in some cases should be ez to find out by the coders. What they created until now with SRS is awesome! Without SRS I wouldnt even drive races. But it feels like they don't have enough time to care about this "minor" problem. I mean, the APP is more than 3 years old and noone did a click on it since 2017.

And btw. so many drivers don't even know or underdstand the point with the skin-folder-name... So, would this all be worth it?

1st, the app should create a logfile with more information, to see what went wrong when or why.

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