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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
I wrote with another driver.
He checked my "pierre_samoske" folder on his harddrive and said, that only the "Skin_00.dds" file is missing. But my skin on SRS-TV looks correct. So, why his App didn't download this only file?

And I checked some (for me) white porsche drivers and their folders here on my harddisk and I noticed, that in some folders beside some other downloaded texture files, only the "Skin_00.dds" file is missing.

I think the APP has a kind of sync problem?

I resaved the texture and recreated my skin folder, to get a new creation-date. I will see, what is gonna happen then...

After the SRS-Skin-APP re-uploaded my skin cause of a new date, I asked the others again, how my Porsche looked like. They said "plain white". Seemed their APP again didn't download the "Skin_00.dds". I raced many races in the past with these guys. So, I think, they already should have had the skin on their harddrives.

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