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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Last race, I just asked the people:
"How does my porsche look at your client? Is it the yellow DHL-Porsche?"

2 guys, who answered me said "no, it just plain white". But they see the correct livery icon in the driver list.

It should look like this:
Copyright at "LR-Thom" at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads...ack.13383/

To my surprise, on SRS-TV my porsche looks correct. So, how it can be, that at some users, my porsche is just plain white, but on the SRS-TV-client the skin works?

The file "Skin_00.dds" is 2.66 MB.
The content of the folder (3,4MB):

SRS-Skin-App says:
"My skin is OK".

What is missing at the users harddisk or how can it be?
Any ideas? Maybe someone who drove with me in the "Porsche GT3 Cup" can have a look in the skin folder and check, which files are in the folder "pierre_samoske".

I also noticed, that some Porsches which were plain white while racing on my client, had nice skins on SRS-TV.

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