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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
I see many, many white Porsches at the Porsche GT3 Cup...

One reason are problems with the skin itself, but the main reason is that drivers use skins from other drivers or downloaded skins.

Here is an example:

A registered "Max Mustermann" want to drive with a skin called "pierre_samoske".

What "Max Mustermann" doesn't understand, is, that his Porsche is gonna be just plain white for all other drivers (except "Pierre Samoske" himself), who didn't drive with the real "Pierre Samoske" in a past race and the real "Pierre Samoske" did use his skin in one of these races. Cause then, the "pierre_samoske"-skin doesn't exist on their local harddrives.

Maybe "Max Mustermann" thinks, that this skin he chooses while he registers for a race is one from the SRS-Server... -> No, it isn't. This skin he chooses exists on his local hardrive. Downloaded before from a SRS-server. So, yes, this skin (if up to date) exists on the server, but it won't be associated with "Max Mustermann" by the SRS-Skin-App.

The AC-Client loads all cars with their textures (if existant on local harddrive) and yes, it tries to load "Max Mustermanns" "pierre_samoske"-skin, cause this combination is provided by the AC-Server, but makes it plain white, if this skin doesn't exist locally.

The SRS-Skin-App won't upload "Max Mustermanns" choosen "pierre_samoske" skin. The SRS-Skin-App only uploads the skin, if the skin-folder-name would be "max_mustermann". And the SRS-Skin-App at the other drivers won't download the "pierre_samoske"-skin if the real "Pierre Samoske" isn't in that race and uses his skin.

So, how does Max Mustermann use an open custom skin downloaded from a website or a skin from another user (which isn't a private skin) for an SRS-race?

  1. In AC choose the skin e.g. in the showroom in practice mode
  2. Keep the skin name in mind, e.g. "00 Dhl 13"
  3. Open a windows explorer and move to the skin-folder concerning the car. In this case "..\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017\skins"
  4. Create a folder named "max_mustermann"
  5. Copy the content of the folder "00_DHL_13" to the created folder "max_mustermann". (But don't exceed the overall size-limit of 10MB. If the skin-pack is larger, you can't use this skin. Maybe u can delete some textures (for glas, tires, extras) or resize the textures and resave them.)
  6. Restart AC
  7. Now, if he registrates for an SRS-race, he can choose the skin "max_mustermann". He can see the name under the small skin-pictures. They are sorted alphabetically.
  8. On the "registered drivers page" he should see something like "Max Mustermann         515.76         porsche-icon            max_mustermann"
  9. Now his skin is ready for the race! It's the same skin, like the "00_DHL_13"-skin, but now it works with the SRSSkin-App for everyone!
If Max wanna change the skin he drives at the moment to another free skin:

  1. Delete the folder "max_mustermann"
  2. Create a new custom skin folder "max_mustermann"
  3. Copy the new content of the other skin-folder to the new folder "max_mustermann"
  4. Open a command prompt (Win+R -> type "cmd")
  5. Move to ur skin-folder (by typing e.g."cd /D D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017\skins\max_mustermann")
  6. Type "copy * +,," (this changes the modification date of all files in that folder)
  7. Restart AC
  8. The SRS-App will upload the new choosen skin next time he races on an SRS-Server.

  1. Delete the content in the folder "max_mustermann"
  2. Copy the new content of the other skin-folder to the folder "max_mustermann"
  3. Execute my script via a shortcut. It changes the timestamps of the folder and it's content. Download and HowTo here:
  4. Restart AC
  5. The SRS-App will upload the new choosen skin next time he races on an SRS-Server.


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