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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
(10-28-2020, 11:15 PM)simracingsystem Wrote:  3 - dowloaded or made from scratch skins work as long as the folder name requirement is set and it's less than 10 MB

4 - "Skin transfer begins 5 minutes before the session hour and ends at the end of qualy. Outside this period the app will return 'Skin Transfer Unavailable'
It will work online and offline (practice, race weekend etc...) meaning that you can use those 2 minutes between the 'please wait' and 'join' to upload your skin."

No, here it doesnt work as long as I am not connected to a SRS-server. The app doesnt upload anything. Its just saying "App only valid for Sim Racing System servers" (See screenshot). Nothing happens. Until now, I have never seen the message "Skin Transfer Unavailable".


When I am connected to a SRS server, cause the race starts soon, the app uploads my skin and tries to download other user skins until a timeout is reached (cause some guys didnt upload or whatever). No restart button appears until end. So, I have to reconnect manually to see the skins from other people?

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