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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1

  1. What, if I want to use a downloaded custom skin from e.g. "racedepartment.com"?
    Does the SRSSkin-App only work with the skin-folders named like my SRS user-name (in my case pierre_samoske) ?

  2. The app will ignore a chosen custom skin in a folder named e.g. "00_NationWide_15" ?

  3. So, I have to decide before the race, which downloaded skin a wanna drive created by others, and copy the content of that folder to my "pierre_samoske"-folder and choose the "pierre_samoske"-skin, when I want to register for the race? That it looks like this:


  4. Do I have to create rules for the "...\assettocorsa\apps\python\SRSskin\SRSskintransfer.exe" in my windows-firewall (I am blocking all by default) ?

  5. I don't understand, why I have to start e.g. a practice-session, 5 to 1 minutes before I join the SRS-race to upload a skin. Why the SRSSkin-App doesn't upload (my used skin), just after I joined the SRS-race-server?

  6. I think, u should make ur first post (how to use SRSSkin) more clear and add some details.  Angel


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