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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
This feature has been so cool.... I've started creating my own skins now and have also made a skin for another friend in the process.
So so easy once everything is installed and in the correct places.

Wait for the SRS session to begin you've signed up for (QUIT button changes to Please Wait), leave SRS and go into a practice session for the track you're about to race using the skin you want to race with, and it uploads your skin automatically. It even tells if things are OK (audible or visual if app is open and on screen). Exit that practice session once your skin is uploaded and then JOIN the actual SRS race. Once in that session, the app will find and download other skins. Once they are downloaded, the app tells you to click the Restart button that appears on the Downloader Block (can open this from the side app bar like all other apps). You click Restart, the app restarts you and you're good to go.

I am also still saving my DDS file as DXT5 and the size has not yet been a problem for me. Will use DTX3 in the future if this ever becomes a problem.
I cannot find the templates for the helmet, suit, crew, etc. so I only have the one file I'm editing for the car.

So nice. Has brought a new lvl to the racing experience for me. Thanks for the hard work. Keep it up.
Cool Respectfully..... Stan Donit Cool

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