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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Quote:One small thing you can do to help prevent that is add a ui_skin.json file (text file) with your details in it so that when others are looking at skins they see your name an country and so on, because in some cases they just don't realize the skin file name is the person it's for.

The json file content has the following format:

"skinname": "My SRS skin",
"drivername": "Maurizio Aiolfi",
"country": "Italy",
"team": "Stella",
"number": "20",
"priority": 1

I don't know what priority is, I just leave it at 1.

Also in the preview image you can add text saying this skin is reserved for you.

thanks, I have already compiled the .json file with my name, in fact, selecting it appears.

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