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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Nothing stops you from rejoining but you must realize you won't be on the same lap as the others and must respect that.

Regarding skin size, if you save the dds files as dxt3 or dtx1 instead of dtx5 it will be bellow 10 MB.

(08-08-2017, 03:54 PM)Stan Donit Wrote:  I too am trying to make my first skin for the GT3 Z4. I've read all the "woes" here in this post and I think I'm going to be able to download and install the "skin transfer app" correctly.

I will have to try all the uploading process the next race I try. I'm new here and have only tried 2 races so far, and my router was acting up and dropped me out of both before the finish sadly (2mins before the end of the 1hr Sarthe race Saturday and 7~8Laps into the 1hr Daytona race Sunday).

By the way, is it customary/ok/acceptable to rejoin a server and continue to compete, or if nothing else, just watch the race if something like that happens (a disconnect)? Obviously, you would have to respect those who didn't loose connection and are on the lead lap or ahead of you, by making sure you got out of the way for the leaders, but...
I was wondering if this was frowned upon or allowed. (Probably the wrong place to ask this question but killing 2 Different Posts with 1 Post  Big Grin )

I guess I should get back on track with the topic at hand.... What I am concerned with is the limit requirement for skin size. I don't know how big mine will be (haven't been paying much attention to the size of the files) since I'm just cutting teeth on actually making the skin.

"IF" my skin folder is too big when the time comes for an upload, can someone share how they go about downsizing their files so to not exceed the limit???

Again, I may be overthinking this and not even need this info (I'm currently at work right now and not on HOME PC to look at file sizes at the moment). I just have it figured that if it can go wrong for me, it will. If a folder can contain more than allowed, I'll end up being "In That Boat" if you know what I mean.

Respectfully..... Stan Donit

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