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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Btw, is there an issue with uploading custom skins for Ginetta (g55 or supercup) ? Have you guys succeeded in uploading one for these series ?
Each time, for each race I take part in, the app uploads my skin (and says my skin is ok), but can't see it in broadcasts (or other racers')
And ditto the next race : skins uploading again (even if I didn't update it). Seems none of other players' custom skins are downloaded on my machine either.
(fyi, I upload them while in a local practice session on my computer 5min before the time limit, it worked with the other series)

Thought it was a size issue (9.7mo that i reduced to 8.6mo), but nope.
On my computer, it's located on :
and i can use it with no problem on local sessions (and see it in replays).

It seems OK with others series though (Exos , Tatuus,  AE86 for example : I can see mine and other racers skins on the skins folder and in broadcasts).

Not the end of the world, but i'm starting to like making liveries Tongue  (just started making them because of this very new feature on SRS).
And I love the car !

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