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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
Hi again!
Yesterday in the Mx-5 Cup on fast Modena circuit a friend of mine and me tried the app with our personal skins.
The app uploaded my skin and downloaded my mate's skin sucessfully when I was on the race server. We left and reentered the server to see if it worked, but the problem appeared when we noticed that we saw our cars on plain white.
When the race finished, we took a look at "skins" folder, all the customiced .dds files of each one was there, like helmet and crew stuff, but the "Skin_00.dds" file was the only missing.
We don't know if something wrong happened or if we did something wrong when edited the skins.
The folders were named as our nicknames and the whole folder don't exceed the 10 Mb's maximum size.
Hope if someone can help us.
Thanks and regards!

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