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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
I recently watched a replay of the Audi TT Cup race from last night and it appears that at least one driver is still seeing my old Audi skin and not the new hotness. How does updating skins actually work on the client side for deciding when to update a skin? Will it only look to update a skin if there is a new folder to download? If the folder already exists for a driver, does the SRSSkin App just ignore the download?

If the latter... how do I go about making my newer skin available to drivers?

Will creating a new folder with a different folder name work? Is that even allowed? If so, what would I call it? russell_sobie2?

I wonder if Rogerio Santos just hasn't seen my Audi on track since multiple seasons ago and he just needed to restart his client....?


What he sees:
[Image: aZUQs2Dm.png]

What he should see:
[Image: IgMdiiXm.png]
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