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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
(06-19-2018, 06:59 PM)Piotr Miazgowski Wrote:  I think the skinsize limit of 10MB is far to low. You can't even find one that is less tne 10MB on racedepartment. If you find one that small it means its total rubish.
Is there a way to set the limit to 15MB?
or is there an other way to make the skins smaller?

Those are fighting words, good sir! Every skin I've made for SRS drivers has been under the 10MB limit. Are you saying they are all rubbish? Big Grin

Seriously though... most skins spend the pixels in the wrong place. There's no reason to do a special helmet/gloves/suit unless it is an open cockpit car, and even then you don't really need to. And many cars have alpha channels and export as DXT5 compression when they only need 3, or even 1... with no alpha channel. And in no way do you need more than a 2K texture for the main skin. You will not see the detail of a 4k texture during race.

I do, however, paint at 4K and then downscale just before export. You can maintain details for logos/sponsors and hard edges easier that way, and Photoshop does a good job of downscaling and maintaining that detail (at least to the naked eye).

What skin are you trying to make? What's the file sizes of everything in the directory that you have? Do you use Content Manager? If so, you can use their showroom and add/edit/delete things on the fly and see the changes. You might be able to save a bunch of space by simply deleting things like Tire textures, special Sponsor/Logo textures, and the above mentioned suits/gloves/helmet textures that might be included.
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