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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
The skin app works great when you are uploading a car skin for the first time, not as great if you need to do an update to it, since it takes around 5 races to me too. So you are better of by doing it properly on the first time imo.
But you can upload your car skin for the first time quiet easily and quickly even just before a race.
You just need to have your skin done, tested and loaded. ( no errors, files or folders too big - (What Russel said on the post above ) 
Then, go register for a race per example 15 minutes before it starts and choose your livery.
When the clock shows 4:59 start a offline session with that same car and skin loaded.
In-game, open srs skin app and it will probably show that your skin is being uploaded.
After it does, do not quit the app or the game just yet, let all the other skins get uploaded too if there are any and do the "restart ac" on the offline session.
Then you can join normally just by pressing the "join" button and when in-game, don't do anything with the skin app and let it do his thing.
Once the "srs tv quit the server message" shows up just before the warming up is ending and srs tv rejoins, then normally they will be showing on the srs official broadcast. 
Just be aware that you only have 5 minutes to load the app offline and join the race. Sometimes it may take longer to the app to download other drivers skins (depends how many they are already in your disk or not.), and you mite not finish in time to join.

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