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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
(05-29-2018, 01:15 PM)Russell Sobie Wrote:  Some body skins also use an Alpha Channel for no reason, and DTX3 or 5 will include that channel as part of the image, even though the skin doesn't need it. Usually when I start a skin (if it has a template) I'll look at the Alpha channel and if it is all black or all white I'll just delete the channel, and that's going to be a little bit of data saved. And as James says, changing the method of DDS export to a higher compression value will usually do the trick. Another thing you can usually get rid of is things like Gloves or Helmets or Crew skins. If those aren't present, you will just use whatever the default for those items are.

I didn't know that, so you have to keep it for the glass banner, tyres (some transparency sometimes) but not necessary for the skins.

About the gloves, i found that replacing some lines in the skin.ini with the suit, helmet and gloves of your choice file save quite a bit of space too. Some are really nice to avoid the default sparco set, the selection of apparels is located in the texture folder of AC. Now it's being really greedy i didn't manage to find a solution to mix the skin.ini with some actual textures of suits, gloves,.., it's one or the other, not both at the same time.

I used to struggle getting all the bits under 10 MB, putting too much eyecandy from several skins i liked. With the skin.ini trick, it's really easy, sometimes i barely have to compress the main skin.

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